Conceptualizing Race and Racism II:

Seeing More…

The other Americans

But What Are You Really

Critical Race Theory I:

Bonilla Silva 1-12

Critical Race Theory IV:

Bonilla Silva 301-312

The Practical Politics of Race I:

Race and Politics

Affirmative Action

The Practical Politics of Race II


The Practical Politics of Race III:

The Obama Presidency

Race In Another America_Part1

Race In Another America_Part2

Race In Another America_Part3

The Global Politics of Race:

Race and Racism

Perfecting Slavery–Farley

Human trafficking and slavery


The Military and Race:

Success Story – with Caveats

Overcoming Race – A Primer

Race Relations and US Military

Gender vs. Sex:

Introduction to the Kaleidoscope of Gender

The Prism of Gender

Gender and the Prism of Culture

Conceptualizing Gender and Sexism:

Representation of Women in Congress

Commonalities and Differences

Understanding and Fighting Sexism

Age, Race, Class, and Sex

An Introduction to Feminist Theory and Liberal Feminism:

Women’s Movements in America

Postmodern Feminism:

Third Wave Feminism

The Practical Politics of Gender I and II:

Women’s Political Participation

The 2008 Candidacies of Clinton and Palin

The Impact of the Media on Political Women

The Portrayal of Female Terrorists in the Media

Web Link:

The Practical Politics of Gender III:

Women’s Economic and Educational Status

The Global Politics of Gender:

A Woman in Charge of the Country

Leatherman – Gender and US foreign policy

Web Link:

The Military and Gender:

War(s) as if Gender Mattered

Social and political dilemmas of women’s military service

Web Links:

Conceptualizing Sexuality

Schultz – Getting Off on Feminism

A New Politics of Sexuality

Where has gay liberation gone

Maiden Voyage

Theories Surrounding Gay and Lesbian Issues

Gendered Inequality

Sexuality Studies

The Practical Politics of Sexuality

Sexual Orientation as a Suspect Class

Transgender Rights

Chapter 1

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 11

The Global Politics of Sexuality

Sexuality and Globalization

Same-Sex Sexualities and the Globalization of Human Rights Discourse

Military and Sexuality

RAND Report for Military

Gays in Foreign Militaries

Military Training



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